Abdominoplasty - Case 12

Case ID: 0422


Oblique Left:


This is a 42 year-old woman with two previous pregnancies carried to term.  Her major complaint was that she always looked pregnant.  She delivered fairly large babies vaginally and subsequently underwent a vaginal hysterectomy.  She has had no previous abdominal surgery.  At 5' 2" and 128 lbs., she has a calculated body mass index of 23.  Pre-operatively, most of her issues appear to be abdominal wall laxity without a significant amount of skin laxity.  She was amenable to both an umbilical translocation procedure or a free-float umbilicoplasty.  In this case, to avoid a suprapubic vertical scar, we went with the free-float procedure resulting in the umbilicus sitting a little lower on the abdominal wall. She is seen here a one year following that operation. Note the lack of any vertical scar.