Abdominoplasty - Case 14

Case ID: 0434


Oblique Right:



This is a 49 year-old woman with two previous pregnancies carried to term.  The first baby weighed in at over 10 lbs. and the  patient gained some 80 - 90 lbs. during that pregnancy. At 5' 5" and 167 lbs., her maximum weight ever was 196 lbs.  She has a calculated body mass index of 28 and had a recent weight loss of 29 lbs. Previous abdominal surgery includes an appendectomy and an open tubal ligation with a small sub-umbilical midline scar. She lost an additional 13 lbs. prior to the surgery.  She underwent a vaser-assisted liposelection of hips, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs in addition to a full abdominoplasty.  She is seen here at 14 months out following that surgery. Note the improvement on the "bra fold" on the lateral views resulting from the use of the liposelection in this area.