Abdominoplasty - Case 15

Case ID: 0442


Oblique Right:


Bent: tuck view to emphasize abdominal wall laxity


This is a 30 year-old woman with significant abdominal wall laxity following two previous pregnancies.  Both children were delivered by C-section.  She presents with a recent weight loss of 30 lbs.  Her maximum weight was 162 lbs.  When seen at her first appointment she was 5' 3" and weighed 112 lbs. for a calculated body mass index of 20.  In addition to her C-section scars, she had a large diastasis (separation) of her abdominal wall muscles and an umbilical hernia.  Not wanting to inflict a vertical scar to correct these issues, she underwent a full abdominoplasty with a free- float umbilicoplasty. This procedure affords the luxury of complete exposure to the abdominal wall muscles to allow for their correction and tightening without the need for a visible scar on a relatively unscarred abdomen.  She is seen here at one year following that surgery and has no trouble being seen in a two-piece bathing suit. Although the frontal and oblique views hint at the issues, be sure to review the lateral and tuck views to get a better understanding of the abdominal wall laxity correction. Note the lower position of the umbilicus on the abdominal wall.