Breast Augmentation - Case 15

Case ID: 0542


Oblique Right:


This is a 49 year-old woman who had previously undergone a mastopexy (breast uplift) procedure by another surgeon.  She expressed disappointment with the previous procedure because of the lack of fullness in the upper pole area of her breasts.  She also had some recent weight loss which aggravated the situation. Now at 5' 2" and 115 lbs., she has a calculated body mass index of 21.  She is wearing a 34 to 36 B cup bra. On exam, she has well healed previous mastopexy incisions with a underwire chest wall measurement of 29" and a base diameter of 12.5cm. She underwent a sub-pectoral (under the muscle) placement of  300 cc textured surface, shaped, saline filled implants through her previous mastopexy scars.  She is seen here at 18 months following that surgery now wearing a full 36 - cup bra. Look for the correction of the scoop on the oblique photos.