Breast Augmentation-Mastopexy - Case 1

Case ID: 0635


Oblique Right:


This 40 year old woman is seen in follow-up to her previous mastopexy surgery requesting breast enlargement.  She actually had a considerable weight loss prior to that surgery with significant skin stretch which I have found difficult to correct in a single surgery.  It came as no surprise that she wanted larger breasts once she had healed from the first procedure.  Now at 5' 1" and 124 lbs., she has a body mass index of 23 and is wearing a 36-C cup bra.  She underwent a subpectoral (under the muscle)  breast augmentation with 350 cc smooth, round, gel implants placed through her previous mastopexy scars.  She is seen here at one year following that surgery now wearing a 34-DD cup bra. The pre-operative photos were done prior to her mastopexy surgery. Please refer to Mastopexy - Case 3 in the photo gallery to see the results of her first surgery.