Breast Reduction - Case 6

Case ID: 0582


Oblique Left:


This 34 year old woman is referred for possible breast reduction surgery.  She had undergone a previous gastric bypass procedure some seven years earlier and had plateaued in her weight.  At 5' 8" her top weight ever was around 325 lbs.  At the time of her consultation this was down to 192 lbs. for a change in her body mass index from nearly 50 to a current 29.  At this time she was wearing a 38-DD cup bra.  With her chest wall measurement at just under 34" she underwent a free nipple graft breast reduction procedure removing nearly 930 grams from her right breast and 774 grams from the left.  She is seen here at some seven months following that surgery now wearing a 34-C cup bra.