Mastopexy (Breast Uplift) - Case 5

Case ID: 0630


Oblique Left:


This is a 45 year old woman who had previously undergone an abdominoplasty as well as some liposuction of the upper abdomen following a nearly 100 lb. weight loss.  At 5' 3" and 138 lbs., she had a body mass index of 24.  Prior to her weight loss she weighed 242 lbs. with a body mass index of 43.  She was wearing a 34-B cup bra and wanted to be able to go braless so she sought correction of the sag.  Additionally, she wished to improve some of the residual laxity in the upper abdomen.  She is seen here at 10 months following her mastopexy surgery combined with a reverse abdominoplasty.  This accounts for the scar extending across the presternal region, which can be concealed with the appropriate bathing wear.